How to enhance your leadership skills through feedback?
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1. Embrace Vulnerability

1.1 In order to build a good house, you need a solid foundation. The basis for getting good results from feedback is the constant struggle with your own pride, the crown on your head, the delusion that you already know everything.

1.2 Only when you are ready to accept feedback as a faithful assistant to your development, start working with this tool; one of the signs that you are ready is that you are sincerely grateful for any feedback (both positive and negative).

2. Seek Feedback Actively

2.1 A good approach is to seek out and take every opportunity to get feedback; a great approach is to create such opportunities.

2.2 Create favorable conditions for receiving feedback from colleagues; be grateful, respectful, friendly, encourage both positive and negative feedback. Let your colleagues know that their opinions are truly valuable.

3. Listen Intently

3.1 While receiving feedback, be attentive to both the key points and the details; record them in the minutes of the meeting.

3.2 Do not interrupt the interlocutor, listen carefully, calmly, and friendly.

3.3 In case of misunderstanding, ask clarifying questions. Please remember - it is better to ask all the questions during the meeting than to fall into the traps of perception and your own conjectures during subsequent analysis.

4. Analyze Objectively

4.1 When analyzing feedback, avoid subjectivity and perception traps; turn off your emotions and start analyzing with a clear mind.

4.2 Look for correlations between different people's feedback and use them to identify key improvement points. Synchronize these points with your career goals, as well as your company's key goals.

5. Implement Changes

5.1 Please remember that change is created by actions. No matter how good the plans are, without proper implementation they will not bring results.

5.2 Keep your team aware of changes and let them see how feedback becomes action rather than just words. This can be the first seed of a team culture that allows them to take the initiative to gather feedback and implement change.

6. Reflect Regularly

6.1 A good approach is to regularly set aside time to reflect and look at yourself from the outside; the skill of reflection requires constant practice.

6.2 Take a break from operational tasks and carefully analyze your changes based on feedback. Based on the analysis, find new opportunities for receiving feedback and points for development.

Key points

1. Leadership skills training is a journey, not a destination; feedback is a good helper on this path.

2. Work on your thinking regularly. A bad approach is "I already know everything", a good approach is "I don’t know everything, but I’m ready to learn".

3. Be grateful and take any feedback (both positive and negative) as a good opportunity to improve.

Good luck!
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