What to do if your team needs to select continuing education programs?
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1. Assess Needs

1.1 A good approach is to select continuing education program based on both the company's key goals, pain points, and needs, as well as the career goals and needs of team members.

1.2 Determine the most important skills your company will need in the near future and match them with the career plans of your team members. Find key points of intersection of interests and, based on them, move on to the next stage.

2. Set Objectives

2.1 Having found the key points of intersection of interests of the company and its members, set the objectives of the educational program.

2.2 When setting learning objectives, formulate a clear results that you want to achieve; please remember that the more clearly you formulate the objectives, the more correctly you choose the program, the higher the likelihood of obtaining the planned results.

2.3 Determine what key metrics and indicators you will use to track and evaluate results and move on to the next stage.

3. Explore Options

3.1 Based on the previous steps, conduct research into the educational program options available to you. A good approach is to include several format options in your program (for example, online courses + individual training).

3.2 Study the features and format of each program, qualifications of instructors, testimonials of students, etc.

3.3 Select those programs that best suit your criteria and needs.

4. Analyze Costs

4.1 Please remember: a properly selected and implemented educational program is an investment in future of your company; a good approach is to regularly allocate a portion of your budget to education.

4.2 When assessing the direct and indirect costs of different options, choose the one that can bring the greatest value specifically for your situation, company and its goals; maintain a healthy balance between budget and potential impact.

5. Make Decisions

5.1 Based on the previous steps (having studied the options, choosing the appropriate ones that meet all the criteria and budget), make a final selection.

5.2 Once you've made your final selection, start planning your implementation. Keep in focus such parameters as goals, participants, timeline, etc.

6. Implement Plans

6.1 Please remember that all the previous steps are meaningless without correct implementation; launch the program based on your plan and start monitoring.

6.2 During monitoring, note positive changes and provide positive reinforcement. Receive regular feedback from program participants, respond to it and, if necessary, make adjustments to the process.

Key points

1. When selecting continuing educational programs, consider the interests of both the company (key goals, pain points, needs, resourses) and team members (career and personal goals, needs, talents, etc). Please do not select a program for the sake of selecting a program: be sincere in your desire to bring maximum benefit to the team.

2. Find a balance between the program's potential impact and budget. Consider continuing educational programs as an investment in the future of the company.

Good luck!
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