What to do if your credibility as a new account manager is in question by clients and colleagues?
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1. Build Trust

1.1 Please remember: to climb the high mountain of trust, you should start with the first regular steps along the fields of routine. You can talk about your merits as much as you like, but only your real, regular actions can influence your authority.

1.2 Be honest. Don't pretend to be something you're not. Don't hide behind clever words. Keep your promises. Don't speak badly about colleagues and clients, don't gossip, don't discuss things behind their backs.

2. Communicate Clearly

2.1 Keep stakeholders up to date on key points in your workflow. Make sure they actually know what's going on (there's a difference between formally sending/reading a report and actually being in control of the situation).

2.2 Be clear and simple in your wording. Avoid complex phrases, double meanings and jargon. Remember that it's often not just what you say, but also how you say it. Watch your tone and gestures. Be calm, honest, confident, respectful, caring and friendly.

2.3 Good communication requires active listening skills. Be attentive to your interlocutor, do not interrupt him, ask clarifying questions if you do not understand something.

3. Show Expertise

3.1 Focus on key goals, pain points, needs of the client and your company, and constantly look for opportunities to provide maximum value.

3.2 Constantly develop, learn, improve your skills and use them in practice. Solve problems with courage. Don't be afraid to take responsibility. Manage your emotions in any situation and find optimal solutions.

4. Seek Feedback

4.1 Build a system of mutual regular feedback; it's one of the important parts of a long, productive relationship.

4.2 Be grateful for all the feedback you receive - it allows you to improve and provide more value to the client, your company and your team. Do not take negative feedback as an insult, do not be offended or angry.

5. Leverage Mentorship

5.1 A good mentor can be your guiding light as you build your authority within the organization.

5.2 Before you start looking for a mentor, identify your specific goals and the problems you need help with.

5.3 Try to find a mentor among senior account managers; most likely they have practical experience that is valuable to you.

6. Stay Resilient

6.1 A good approach is to maintain composure, calm, a clear mind and a sense of gratitude regardless of external circumstances. It's not easy, it takes years of training and practice. However, as long as your internal state is 100% dependent on external circumstances, it will be difficult for you to continue moving along the path of account management.

6.2 Keep your focus on the goals, pains and needs of the client and your company, do everything possible to bring maximum value, and be true to your principles.

Key points

1. Please remember: trust takes time; focus on your work and let the team get used to you.

2. Look for opportunities to bring maximum value to your company, colleagues and clients.

3. Promise only what you are actually willing to deliver; don't promise what you can't deliver. Keep your promises.

4. By your example, create an atmosphere of respect, care, gratitude and goodwill around yourself.

Good luck!
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