What to do if your team is struggling to meet their goals and deadlines?
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1. Identify the root causes

1.1 Please remember: often the problem of not meeting team goals and deadlines lies in the area of setting goals and deadlines; inadequate, unrealistic goals lead to a similar result.

1.2 Make sure your company does not have a management culture in which all tasks have the highest priority and highest urgency.

1.3 If goals are relevant and realistic, make sure team members are clear on what they need to do to achieve them.

2. Communicate clearly and empathetically

2.1 Please remember: your task is not to blame, but to help. Share with the team the results of analyzing the root causes of problems with goals and deadlines: be professional, honest, caring and friendly. Speak in a calm, confident tone, watch your intonation and gestures.

2.2 Talk about problems, but don't criticize team members; talk about solutions and how each team member can add value. Encourage dialogue. Ask questions and listen actively.

3. Provide feedback and support

3.1 Lead by example: create a culture of regular mutual feedback and support.

3.2 Support and feedback are especially important when introducing new healthy habits. Be respectful, caring and friendly, remember that in order for a sprout to grow and bear its first fruits, it takes love, time and patience; please don't rush things, be consistent.

3.3 Monitor closely the first positive changes and provide positive reinforcement.

4. Adjust your expectations and plans

4.1 If necessary, plans can be adjusted, but this should not be abused; please do not create the preconditions for the habit of constantly changing plans and expectations. Make adjustments to the plan, remembering to focus on the key goals, pain points and needs of the company.

4.2 Pass all adjustments to plans through the prism of adequacy, current reality and team capabilities.

5. Celebrate your progress

5.1 Please remember that big achievements start with small ones. Be attentive to the first positive changes and provide positive reinforcement as quickly as possible. Be careful with the first healthy shoots and they will become strong mature plants.

5.2 Together with your team members, rejoice at changes, achievements and victories, praise and thank, congratulate and celebrate, give pleasant bonuses and surprises.

Key points

1. A good approach is to start by setting goals and deadlines correctly; often the main problem associated with failure to achieve goals and failure to meet deadlines lies precisely in setting them.

2. Are you sure that the current team's goals and deadlines are achievable? Are you sure that your company does not have a culture of “extra-high priority for each task” and ASAP deadlines? Please be honest.

3. If you are confident that your goals and deadlines are realistic and achievable, review your workflow. How is teamwork going? What is the psychological atmosphere in the team? Are there bottlenecks?

4. Lead by example, do what you say, and don't promise what you can't deliver.

Good luck!
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