What to do if your colleagues in team building are not receptive to your ideas?
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1. Seek Feedback

1.1 A cold attitude towards ideas is one of the symptoms of systemic diseases in a team. To treat and prevent such diseases, create a culture of respect, caring, gratitude and goodwill.

1.2 Create a system of regular mutual feedback. Constantly align the goals and values of the team members with the goals and values of the company and your own; be sincere in your desire to provide maximum value to each team member and the entire company. Be honest, caring, and grateful when giving and receiving feedback.

2. Stay Positive

2.1 Please do not take the resistance as a personal insult, do not be upset, do not be offended. If your motives are pure, if you care about the interests of the team (and not your own egoism), you have a good strong foundation.

2.2 Be professional, positive, confident, respectful, caring and grateful. Stick to your route and don't view every obstacle along the way as a tragedy.

3. Adjust Approach

3.1 Focus on the filling, not the wrapper. Please remember: simple, clear ideas, sincerely aimed at increasing the value of the entire team, caring for the interests of each team member, are listened to more often than others.

3.2 Generate ideas that help achieve the goals of the company and each team member, reduce pain, satisfy needs - and you will see the first positive changes.

4. Build Alliance

4.1 Create a culture in which the entire team is one alliance, in which everyone does their best to bring maximum value to the company and their colleagues; respect, care, gratitude, goodwill are a good basis for creating favorable conditions for creating such a culture.

4.2 Constantly look for opportunities to unite the team, strengthen the team spirit, be honest and decent. Please do not talk to colleagues about other colleagues behind their backs, do not gossip, ridicule or insult them.

5. Communicate Effectively

5.1 Use simple, understandable formulations, do not use jargons, complex words, double meanings. Don't hide behind complicated phrases to appear smarter. Be honest: don't pretend to be someone you're not. Be professional, respectful, caring, grateful and friendly.

5.2 Listen to feedback carefully, thank and clearly answer the questions asked. Ask questions to your colleagues and thank them for their answers.

6. Reflect and Learn

6.1 Please think of resistance not as a tragedy, but as an opportunity to improve your skills. Do not be offended, do not be angry, but think about how to improve your approach to generating ideas.

6.2 Once your ideas are accepted, don't stop developing, remember that it is not an end point, but a journey.

Key points

1. A good approach is to generate ideas and solutions that help achieve key company goals and personal goals of team members, reduce pains, satisfy needs.

2. Please remember: ideas created by selfishness and personal ambition collide with the selfishness and personal ambition of others; ideas that come from the heart resonate in the hearts of others.

3. Create a culture in which each team member always cares about the interests of the company and the interests of other team members.

Good luck!
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