What to do if your team management skills are not advancing your career?
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1. Assess your skills

1.1 Before you begin the assessment, decide on your key career goals. Based on your goals, identify tools to achieve them; one of these tools is skills.

1.2 To get the most objective assessment of your skills, use the self-assessment, feedback from your colleagues and a mentor. Avoid the traps of perception, avoid subjectivity. Please be honest with yourself, do not adjust your assessments to the desired result.

2. Seek feedback and recognition

2.1 Build a regular process of mutual feedback with stakeholders. Focus on the key goals, pain points and needs and constantly ask yourself: What skills do I need to improve and acquire to bring maximum value?

2.2 Be grateful for any feedback, find key points of improvement and development, and take specific actions.

3. Expand your network

3.1 Constantly expand your network; surround yourself with people who share your values, those you respect, those you admire, those in positions you aspire to.

3.2 Stay relevant, stay up to date with what's happening in your industry, and share new useful information with those around you.

3.3 Constantly look for opportunities to bring value to your network. Remember that a professional reputation is something that is earned through hard work, honesty, responsibility and patience.

4. Learn new skills

4.1 Please remember that learning new skills is a constant exciting journey: enjoy the process.

4.2 Determine what skills you will need in the near future, form a plan and take action.

4.3 Focus on consistency and regularity; set aside time every day to hone your skills and remember that a regular few minutes a day equals dozens of hours a year.

5. Negotiate your career path

5.1 Be sincere in your desire to bring maximum value to the company.

5.2 Based on your learning plan and the first results - tell the employer what you have already learned and implemented, how it is already helping the company and what your next steps are.

5.3 Clearly define the areas that you are ready to take on and become the owner of these processes; tell the employer how this can help the company and team members.

Key points

1. Develop skills based on the key goals, pain points and needs of your company and your own; use the win-win principle.

2. Constantly think and look for opportunities to bring maximum value to the company and the industry.

3. Constantly expand your network, be open to new contacts, be relevant, share value.

Good luck!
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