How to stay ahead of the competition in global account retention?
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1. Know your clients

1.1 A good approach is when you know the client's goals and problems and care about them more than he cares about them; regardless of the number of competitors in your niche, this approach helps build strong and long-term relationships with the client.

1.2 Remember that the basis of all your further movement is the regular search and implementation of solutions to achieve the client’s goals and relieve his pain.

2. Stay updated and proactive

2.1 A good approach to global account management is not to be in a swamp, but to be in a fresh flow of information, in search of opportunities, solutions that will bring maximum benefit to the client. Yes, this is not an easy path, requiring a lot of effort, skill, attention, care, but the result is worth it.

2.2 Be professional, be an expert. Expertise implies being proactive, being the master of your process, loving your work, respecting and caring for the interests of the client.

3. Align with your team

3.1 It is important not only to be a sincere ambassador of the client’s interests, but through your example and actions to teach the team to act the same way.

3.2 Keep your team up to date on the status of your key client touchpoints. Create opportunities for the team to create additional value for the client. Closely monitor the slightest positive changes in the actions of team members, create positive reinforcement, loudly praise, thank team members, celebrate victories and achievements.

4. Adapt to changes

4.1 Global account management is a favorable environment for developing flexibility skills to a high level. Learn to quickly respond to external changes, analyze the situation and make optimal decisions.

4.2 In order not to get lost during changes, do not lose sight of your guidelines - client goals, pain points, needs; make any changes and make decisions taking them into account.

5. Seek feedback and improvement

5.1 Create a culture of honest mutual feedback with partners, clients, and team members. Move towards common goals as one team, helping each team member improve, develop and realize the maximum of their talents.

5.2 Be grateful for any feedback - remember that it makes you better. When giving feedback, be professional, respectful and caring. Remember that it is often not only what you say, but how you say it that matters; watch your intonation and gestures.

6. Add value and delight

6.1 Be sincere in providing extra value; look for opportunities for pleasant surprises - not only keep promises, but also provide additional bonuses.

6.2 The basis for extra value is respect, care, gratitude and goodwill. By your example, create a culture of pleasant surprises, notice the slightest positive team changes in this area and instantly create positive reinforcement - let there be as many good and unexpected actions as possible.

Key points

1. A good approach is to know your clients' goals and pain points and, based on them, look for opportunities to deliver maximum value; focus your energy and attention on your clients, not your competitors.

2. Be an account manager who builds strong, long-term relationships with clients; be the one whose experience and approach to work are valued by clients for their weight in gold.

Good luck!
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