How to use rapport-building techniques to improve collaboration with colleagues?
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1. Listen actively

1.1 Conversations of this type are conducted only 1 on 1 - privately, confidentially, in a calm environment, at a convenient time.

1.2 Be sincere in your desire to understand your colleague; careful listening is based on sincerity, respect, gratitude and goodwill. Please don't pretend, don't play the "listener role" - the wrapper doesn't make sense without the filling.

1.3 Look for the essence, meaning, general message in the words of your colleague, be calm and friendly.

2. Show empathy

2.1 Empathy is associated with feeling and with action; it is important to be able/learn to feel empathy in your heart and direct it correctly.

2.2 Empathy is based on sincerity. You can’t just show empathy (without feeling it).

2.3 Please remember that empathy is not only something to keep in mind during important conversations with colleagues, but also something that is important to use every day.

3. Give and receive feedback

3.1 Please remember that feedback is a mutual, regular process, not a one-time iteration.

3.2 It is not only What you say, but How you say it that matters. Be honest, respectful, caring, grateful and goodwill; treat your colleagues the way you want to be treated.

3.3 Be grateful for any feedback - it helps you improve.

4. Recognize and appreciate

4.1 Be sincere in your desire to find any positive changes your colleague makes that will benefit the team. Once found, create positive reinforcement; this is a regular system process.

4.2 Thank and praise your colleague for fulfilled promises.

4.3 Congratulate your colleague on any important achievements and victories, express your sincere joy and admiration.

4.4 Appreciate your colleague not only with words, but also with deeds.

Key points

1. Treat your colleagues the way you want to be treated.

2. Keep your promises.

3. Lead by example: be honest, respectful, caring and grateful.

4. Find positive changes and actions from your colleagues and provide them with positive reinforcement.

5. Congratulate your colleagues on their achievements and victories.

6. Please don't gossip or discuss things behind your colleagues' backs.

7. Thank your colleagues for their feedback.

Good luck!
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