How to manage global accounts in emerging markets?
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1. Adapt your strategy

1.1 Each market requires an individual approach and strategy. You may find similar patterns in your markets, but that doesn't rule out personalization.

1.2 Create a strategy in each new market without compromising your global strategy, values and goals. No matter how attractive a new market may seem, don't make a bet that you're not willing to lose.

1.3 After entering the market, get as much feedback as possible (from local clients, partners, etc.) - this will help make useful adjustments to the further implementation of the strategy in this market.

2. Manage your team

2.1 Building a global team is a challenging but exciting task. It requires not only 100% immersion in the specifics of each region, but a focus on the interaction of your entire global team.

2.2 From the first steps, build a global culture based on respect, care, gratitude and goodwill. Do not create preconditions for hostility between different departments of the company. Emphasize not only with words but with deeds that you are one team, with common goals and values.

3. Monitor your performance

3.1 Keep your key metrics under control; the overall trend, not one-time fluctuations.

3.2 Work with feedback, collect as objective a picture of what is happening as possible, do not rely on just one source of data.

3.3 When opportunities arise, make adjustments to the process based on the results of your experiments, supported by statistical significance. Please do not make changes just for the sake of making changes, but only when those changes are backed by data and have already benefited the company.

4. Learn and grow

4.1 The path of constant development and learning is a difficult path that requires discipline, time, effort, but the result is worth it.

4.2 Be relevant, be in the trend of each market you work in. Keep an eye out for opportunities and take advantage of them.

4.3 Expand your networking, create a healthy partnership culture around you. Be an example - share your expertise, help others.

5. Enjoy the journey

5.1 Be grateful for what you have: for the opportunity to work in a specific market, with specific people, to bring value, to gain new knowledge and experience.

5.2 Be happy in the moment - often leaders do not notice the daily process and focus only on goals. Think of your workflow as a wonderful journey, and each new market as an exciting new chapter in your book.

Key points

1. Entering any new market is a wonderful adventure, allowing you to see the new opportunities and added value you can provide.

2. From the first steps in a new market, create a culture based on respect, caring, gratitude and goodwill - with new team members, clients, partners, etc. Be an example - not only in words, but also in deeds.

3. Focus on the maximum value you can provide and enjoy the process.

Good luck!
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