How to become a group manager?
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1. Assess your strengths and weaknesses

1.1 Group management is about a marathon, not about a sprint. Are you ready for long, hard, daily patient work, which not everyone can handle, but the results of this work are of great importance?

1.2 The group manager is a versatile leader who has a wide range of skills from different areas of management and always has a plan for the coming years to improve his skills. Are you ready for a constant process of developing yourself and others?

1.3 Group management is about responsibility. Are you ready to take responsibility not only for your team, but for the teams of your partners, clients, etc.? If you confidently answered “yes” to all the previous points, then I understand you perfectly and shake your hand!

2. Learn from other group managers

2.1 Mentoring is one of the effective ways to form a strong group manager. A mentor helps the group manager form the right way of thinking, the right habits and choose the right path from the first steps.

2.2 In addition to mentoring, it is important to surround yourself with as many successful group managers as possible. Сonstantly maintain contact with them, take your first steps and receive feedback from them.

2.3 Now you may have little experience and skills, but your eyes burning with energy and sincere work will be noticed and appreciated by others. Reputation - something that is built gradually, over years.

3. Get relevant training and education

3.1 A group management requires a lot of knowledge from various fields of management, psychology, sociology, etc., which is acquired throughout the group manager's career. Yes, before your first job, you should take certain education + courses that help in various aspects, but it is important to understand that the learning process in this field is continuous and constant.

3.2 Develop the habit of constantly looking for new educational opportunities - not only formal, but also informal. Often, in ordinary life situations, you can gain great experience for later use in your career.

4. Seek opportunities to lead or join teams

4.1 Develop the habit of being constantly on the move, in any format of collaboration with teams and colleagues (from the format of assistance, volunteering, part-time work to the format of full-time work or your own projects) and bring value to others.

4.2 Focus on practice, skills training with teams and real situations. Ask for testimonials from your colleagues. Create your portfolio, which will show the key parts of your journey, ups and downs, victories and mistakes. Remember that new great opportunities appear most often when you correctly manage your current opportunities.

5. Build your network and reputation

5.1 Constantly expand your network. Regular new acquaintances, new interactions, new relationships - all this allows you to be in a fresh flow.

5.2 Reputation is something that needs to be built from the very first steps. Treat your colleagues and partners the way you want to be treated. Be honest, responsible, respectful, caring and friendly with all the people you meet along the way. Take care of your reputation and benefit others.

6. Apply for group management roles

6.1 To become a full-fledged group manager, you need to start working as a group manager. How to do it?

6.2 If all the previous steps discussed in this article have been implemented, then there is a high probability of getting the desired position in the team in which you dream. The point is that by having multiple connections and options, you feel confident in your abilities and don't rush into every position option as if it were your last. 3. Continue to be socially active, expand your network, bring the value to your community, keep your portfolio up to date, participate in interviews, etc. The main thing is not to stop, but to continue moving.

Key points

1. In order to become a group manager, you should first honestly answer yourself - do I really want this? Am I ready for this? Group management requires a lot of love and patience, energy, responsibility, constant development and learning. A group manager who has unknowingly chosen this role often becomes unhappy and makes those around him the same. This affects both the team and family and friends. Please don't join the ranks of unhappy managers.

2. If you are ready, I admire you and understand you completely. Bearing great responsibility, but also a great contribution, the results of which turn the team into a blooming garden before your eyes, is one of the greatest joys of a manager: a wonderful, efficient and healthy work environment.

Good luck!
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