3 Points about project management tools and collaboration
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1. Features of online project management tools

1.1 There are a large number of good online project management tools on the market that can help build an effective project management system. Please remember that the foundation is your processes, and based on the processes, features are selected, not the other way around.

1.2 Key features for building virtual team processes include chat with calling capabilities, calendar, task manager, knowledge base, cloud storage. With this minimal set you can already manage projects. If there is a real need, you can add new functions, but this must be done consciously and without creating chaos.

2. Benefits of online project management tools

2.1 When project management tools began to develop, they were significantly different from what they are today. Old systems were not flexible enough, they were not easy to integrate, implement and use. The way the market and project management solutions have changed over the past decades is impressive and inspiring.

2.2 The main advantages of online project management tools include flexibility, relative ease of implementation and use (compared to older systems), and accessibility. Sometimes, very little time passes from the moment you make a purchase decision until you start working with the application.

3. Tips on choosing the best online project management tool

3.1 Any tool you use should align with your key goals and processes. Often teams have too many tools, while adjusting their processes to some of the tools, and do not use most of the functions at all. This becomes one of the prerequisites for chaos in the work process. Therefore, I will emphasize once again - first the goals, then the processes, then the tools.

3.2 Design a functional and healthy environment, think ahead: about scalability, integrations, etc.

3.3 Remember that application nuances can either help or hinder your teamwork. Do everything possible to make it comfortable and convenient for your team to work in the project management system you are creating.

Key points

1. In order to improve team collaboration, there are a large number of methods, principles and recommendations. One is to use a set of online project management tools that matches your key goals and processes.

2. It's not just the set of project management tools that matters, but how it's used: you can choose the optimal set of tools, but the team will not use it.

3. From the first steps, competently design your project management system, constantly improve it, constantly train your team to use it.

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