5 Tips for managing a creative team using apps
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1. Visualize your workflow

1.1 Visualization of the workflow is a good fundamental approach that allows all participants to see key points, answers to questions: Where are we now? Where and how are we going? The kanban board is one of the great tools for this approach.

1.2 There are a large number of applications on the market that include a kanban board. Each application has a number of its own advantages. The important point I want to emphasize is not the application itself, but how it will be implemented into regular use by the team. A healthy kanban board culture is something that doesn't come around often. It is important not only to purchase the application, but also to carefully use it yourself and train your team members.

2. Share your ideas

2.1 Mind map is a great tool for working on ideas during team interactions. Share ideas, leave and receive feedback, discuss them, make changes - all this is convenient, simple, fun and beautiful to do with the help of such an application.

2.2 Using mind map-based visualization features, you can design a range of useful and effective process solutions.

2.3 Please remember that a mind map, like any collaboration tool, should not sit on your desk collecting dust. If you purchased this tool - use it; if you use it but don't share it with the team - share it.

3. Track your time

3.1 Time tracking is something that is often perceived by teams as a threat to freedom, as a lack of trust, etc. And there really is a reason for this - managers often link the financial motivation of employees to the recorded time, most often as a punishment. Having gone through a lot of cases related to the consequences of this approach, I formulated the habit for teams to track time, but not as an indicator of “good/bad guy” but as an opportunity for each member to become better every day and share their results with colleagues.

3.2 In fact, assessing the effectiveness of each team member's own working time is one of the key parts of continuous growth and development; the main thing is to use this tool correctly and carefully.

4. Collaborate with your team

4.1 A well-thought-out team interaction system in the chat application - like the circulatory system in a living organism, allows you to maintain constant proper blood circulation, which is necessary for health. There are a large number of nuances of the correct use of chat app, this topic is truly inexhaustible (and this is one of my favourite parts of research), but now I would like to boil it down to the key ones: new entities should not be attracted unless absolutely necessary; treat others the way you want to be treated.

4.2 Before purchasing and using chat app, carefully consider what processes it will be involved in. Please design your system correctly and efficiently from the very first steps.

5. Showcase your work

5.1 Your portfolio is what makes the first impression; the second and subsequent impression is up to you.

5.2 There are a large number of ready-made tools (for example, website builders) and a large number of approaches to working with them; each of them has the right to exist.

5.3 Please adhere to the principles of optimality, conciseness and honesty when compiling your portfolio. Don't try to appear to be someone you really are not. Don't show your team as something it's not. But be honest about how you help your clients solve their problems, ease their pain, and achieve their key goals; social proof is a good basis for this.

Key points

1. Please remember that the most important thing is not the app itself, but how it is actually implemented and used by team members. The best tool, if used incorrectly and without due care, can cause harm; the most humble instrument, tuned professionally and with love, can bring enormous benefits.

2. From the very beginning and throughout your career, lead by example by creating a healthy psychological atmosphere and a culture of effective teamwork based on respect, caring, gratitude and goodwill.

Good luck!
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