How to become an account manager?
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1. Understand the role

1.1 The role of an account manager is difficult to underestimate. This team member is the representative of the team who largely determines whether the client will be satisfied with the results of the work or not. He combines a large number of skills that allow him to be a leader, a communicator, an organizer, an ambassador and a diplomat.

1.2 If you want to become an account manager, then you immediately need to understand the degree of responsibility that will fall on your shoulders. You become the one who determines the development of relationships between the team and its clients, you become the face of the company (with the corresponding consequences). Account management is a difficult, but exciting and wonderful path.

2. Gain relevant experience

2.1 Account management is about real and relevant experience. Theoretical preparation is undoubtedly important, and it plays significant part in account manager's career, but real practice is what really matters.

2.2 Don't be afraid to gain experience. Victories and mistakes are an integral part of the account manager's journey. Try to be wise about the ups and downs - this will help you stay in good shape throughout your career.

2.3 Identify a niche in which you would like to develop your account management career - and stay up to date with everything that is happening in that niche; build your network and reputation, train your skills that will help you bring the most value to your team from that niche.

3. Showcase your achievements

3.1 Feedback and testimonials from people you have already worked with are important. Prepare a portfolio in which you indicate exactly how you performed the functions of an account manager, what benefits you brought, how your colleagues talk about you, etc. Present your experience professionally, talk about what metrics you focused on and what you achieved.

3.2 Make sure that you actually have the necessary skills for the chosen company and your role in it. Be honest with yourself and the interviewer, there is no need to pretend to be someone you are not at the moment, but there is always an opportunity to improve.

4. Prepare for interviews

4.1 Be honest with yourself. Before your first interview, carefully review the information about the company and answer yourself honestly: am I really dreaming and ready to work in this company? Why do I want this? What value do I want to provide to this company?

4.2 Be honest with the interviewer. In an interview, tell about yourself what corresponds to reality. Don't exaggerate or understate. Be honest about your experience, even if it's very little. Your basis now is sparkling eyes and a desire to provide a value. Tell the interviewer what value you want to give to the company, what problems to fix, what help to offer.

5. Keep learning and growing

5.1 In fact, from the moment you get a job, everything just begins. Right now is the most important time to confirm what you said in the interview.

5.2 Constantly look for new ways and knowledge that can benefit the team and you. You don't need to get knowledge for the sake of certificates, you need real skills and their results.

5.3 Constantly share your discoveries, victories and mistakes with your supervisors. They need to know that you do not stand still, but are constantly looking for opportunities for the company to flourish.

Key points

1. Account management is a path of constant development, the path of courage, the path of honesty - it's not easy, but it's also an exciting path that can become the most wonderful adventure of your life.

2. It is difficult to describe the emotions that an account manager receives from the gratitude of the happy team members with whom he works (his team, the client's team, etc.); a sense of joy, a sense of belonging, a feeling that everything is done for a reason.

3. Account management requires careful attention to yourself. High-intensity work requires adequate rest. Remember, to work well, you need to rest well. Don't join the army of burned-out managers, adopt other people's experience.

Good luck!
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