How to identify team members who need more training through performance evaluations?
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1. Signs of training needs

1.1 In a sustainable system, education and training processes are fundamental parts;; by thinking at the system level we can create favorable conditions for development and prevent problems.

1.2 It is important to understand that if we see that specific team members are not performing well in their tasks, this is a complex issue that requires not only training of these members, but also finding system gaps.

2. Training plans

2.1 A good approach is to create a training plan based on the individual characteristics of the trainee. Each person is unique, and even if several team members have similar work problems, this does not mean that the same plan will work to solve them.

2.2 Conduct research and make a number of assumptions about the reasons for the poor performance of a particular team member, find the intersection points between these reasons, and based on this, begin to design a training plan.

2.3 Make a plan with the trainer - remember the importance of the trainer’s role both in the process of preparing the plan and in its implementation.

3. Impact of training

3.1 Monitor the training process, analyze the results, develop solutions, make decisions.

3.2 Based on the key metrics specified in the training plan, regularly monitor the overall trend of changes. Rejoice at the positive changes, thank and celebrate with the trainee and trainer their first victories.

3.3 Based on the monitoring and analysis, regularly develop and implement useful changes into the daily work of the company that prevent the occurrence of such problems.

Key points

1. Create a work environment that proactively prevents work problems among its members.

2. Form balance using counterweights; if some elements are shifted to the side, other elements can return them to their original state.

3. The training program is one part of the overall work on problems.

4. Approach the creation of the training program with a high degree of responsibility, taking into account the individual characteristics of the team member.

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