How to coach team members through job interviews and salary negotiations?
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1. Assess their readiness

1.1 Growing and developing team members is a joy, taking part and helping to reach new career levels is an even greater joy. Before you start coaching your team member, formulate clear goals with him, analyze the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

1.2 Assess how mentally and professionally prepared your team member is for the next step in their career. Be honest and try to be as impartial as possible. The success of all further actions depends on how much you assess the general condition.

2. Help them prepare

2.1 Develop a preparation process similar to the process of preparing for sports competitions: training, homework, recovery, etc.

2.2 Focus on practice, regularly play game interviews, note improvements, give feedback. Continue training until you see a confident positive trend. Signs of such a tendency may be: your mentee calmly answers unexpected questions and "trap" questions, feels confident, radiates goodwill and gratitude.

3. Support them emotionally

3.1 Most often, it is not the methodology itself that is important, but how it is implemented. The same phrase spoken in different intonations can lead to different results.

3.2 Please remember during the preparation process that you are not working with a machine, but with a living person. Be sensitive, constantly keep his emotional state under control, support him on both good and bad days.

3.3 Keep in mind that training sessions may be influenced by factors that you cannot always control (such as your mentee's psychological home atmosphere), but you can certainly influence the atmosphere during your training sessions. Do everything you can to prepare your mentee in the best possible way; support with all your heart.

4. Follow up with them

4.1 Maintain a continuous monitoring and feedback process. Regardless of whether the interview is completed or not, your task is to continue to help until you and your mentee are confident that you have done everything that is necessary. However, even after this, continue to be in touch, maintain your relationship.

4.2 Be sincere, follow the careers of your mentees, help when necessary, and you will see a constant process of prosperity and their happy eyes.

Key points

1. There are a number of situations and tasks in which personal, sincere and professional assistance can significantly increase the chances of success; preparing for an interview is no exception.

2. Train your team members, invest in their development, help them build a successful career, respond with joy to their achievements, build healthy relationships, create a culture of mutual support - and watch the beautiful garden bloom.

Good luck!
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