What software can help you manage your team's resources?
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1. Project management software

1.1 Project management software, when properly configured and used, allows you to see key metrics about your resources and make decisions based on them.

1.2 Unfortunately, a good approach to using such software is not common, and the state of daily operation of the tools is often in an area of confusion. It is important to understand that resource control is one of the strategic tasks of a manager; inattention to resources leads to dire consequences.

1.3 What to do? Start with the first simple but regular steps - by setting up monitoring for the most important resources in the project management software.

2. Resource management software

2.1 The ability to work with resources is an important skill for a manager, requiring a lot of practice and real decisions; resource management software can help you achieve this in the most optimal way.

2.2 Resource management software helps not only to monitor and optimize resources, but also to make forecasts.

2.3 Controlling resources reduces the likelihood that resources will not be available when they are needed. Also, in situations where there are too many free resources, the resource management software helps to distribute them competently and effectively.

3. Time tracking software

3.1 There are two polar concepts in the industry - some managers are for time tracking, others are against it; time tracking software has great potential, but is often not implemented in the best way, which is why it has a significant number of opponents.

3.2 A good approach is to use a time tracking software, but not to attach it to financial demotivation; to make it a game, a tool for the regular development of each team member. Create a culture of respect and caring about time (both personal and team), let team members become ambassadors of this culture; this will work if they are confident that they will not be punished for extra/missing minutes and hours, but will be praised for their path to efficiency.

4. Collaboration software

4.1 With numerous benefits, collaboration software allows you to track the efficient use of resources. It is this kind of software that clearly demonstrates how teamwork occurs in real time and what optimization opportunities arise.

4.2 Please create a culture that encourages effective collaboration; by encouraging, not pushing, you can achieve great results in improving collaboration effectiveness.

4.3 When you notice that one of your team members has taken a real (small or big) action that improves their performance while working together, praise them out loud. Emphasize the good and don't ignore the bad habits.

5. Analytics software

5.1 Analytics software allows us to not only accumulate, but display key metrics and indicators of collaboration performance on one dashboard. This is very convenient, saves time and energy - we don’t need to travel through different sources in search of the big picture.

5.2 When choosing analytics software, choose one that matches your goals, pain points, and processes. Take integration of this software very seriously; please don't create chaos, but focus on the key points.

Key points

1. Resource management is an important part of a manager's job and the processes involved require a particularly careful approach.

2. The most important non-renewable resource is time. 3. Remember that the process comes first and the tool comes second. Select resource management software based on your goals, pain points, and processes. Don't add new tools unless absolutely necessary.

Good luck!
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