What skills do you need to be resilient as a remote Account Manager?
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1. Communication skills

1.1 The skill of effective communication is a set of a lot of theory, practice and time. For an account manager working in a virtual environment, this skill is fundamental, since the entire work process is permeated with communication.

1.2 Create a personal communication diary. Fill it out regularly, share your thoughts, feelings, results, analyze previous entries. Please remember that the field of communication is a huge ocean and in order not to get lost in it, do not forget about the guide.

2. Time management skills

2.1 Time management skills are the second pillar for an account manager. In this case, these skills play a huge role not only for the manager himself, but also for training the entire team.
2.2 A manager who has brought his time management skills to a high level is an example for others. He demands a lot from himself, but carefully and adequately demands from others - this approach often brings good results.

3. Problem-solving skills

3.1 Problem solving skills are the third pillar for an account manager. Where to start training these skills? With desire and readiness to solve problems and not be afraid of responsibility.

3.2 Many entrepreneurs dream of having a strong team of top managers who can independently solve any problems and be as autonomous as possible. Obviously, building such a management team involves training each manager individually and then integrating them into a team. It's a long process that requires a lot of love, attention and patience, but the results are worth it.

4. Learning skills

4.1 The path of continuous development involves the habit of continuous learning.

4.2 Remote account management requires a large number of skills that are developed over a lifetime.

4.3 Set aside time every day to study (even a few minutes a day is tens of hours a year). Please don't stop learning, this is your investment in the future.

4.4 Stay up to date with what's happening in your industry: technology, important events, trends, etc.

5. Self-care skills

5.1 Account manager is a profession associated with great psychological stress. It is especially important to be careful when working remotely - it often happens that it takes up all the manager’s life time and attention.

5.2 It is extremely important to focus on recovery and self-care. Please don't join the ranks of burned out, unhappy managers who ignore the importance of rest and personal space.

5.3 Every day, set aside some time for communication with loved ones, physical activity, hobbies, walks in the fresh air, etc. All this today will give you the energy you need for tomorrow.

Key points

1. Account manager is a profession that requires many skills; remote account management requires additional special skills.

2. To build a successful career and lead a happy, healthy, balanced life, you need to continually develop each of the key skills described in this article.

3. Please remember that minutes make up hours, days, weeks, months and years. Take care of every minute of your life, treat it as a great treasure.

Good luck!
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