6 Tips for an Effective Team Visioning Session
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1. Prepare in advance

1.1 Team visioning session is one of the great tools for finding amazing ideas and suggestions that will help the team thrive. As with any team session, it is important to prepare well for it.

1.2 Determine the format, location, time, participants, key goals, session questions, etc. in advance.

1.3 Think about how the unique skills of your team members can bring maximum results during the visioning session. Try to answer the question: how can the combination of team members' skills create synergy during the session?

2. Create a safe and positive space

2.1 A safe and positive atmosphere is the foundation of any team session. The visioning session is no exception.

2.2 Define the format, rules and norms of interaction during the session. Be an example: demonstrate how to behave and act.

2.3 Give sincere praise and gratitude for every thought expressed during the session - it is important that each participant is not afraid or embarrassed to share their ideas.

2.4 Eliminate criticism, find the bright side in every idea. Encourage friendly, respectful and caring attitude of participants towards each other.

3. Use creative and interactive methods

3.1 Turn your team visioning session into an amazing and exciting adventure. Mix the styles of different instruments, create a festive atmosphere.

3.2 Monitor the emotions of the participants - the more sincere smiles and good laughter, the better the conditions for receiving insights.

3.3 Experiment. You know everyone on your team best, so the results of a visioning session will largely depend on how you bring out everyone's best skills.

3.4 Avoid boredom and despondency during the session - these are bad helpers for getting fresh ideas.

4. Encourage diversity and inclusion

4.1 Powerful and effective ideas and thoughts often arise from the synergy created by different perspectives and different experts. Encourage diversity and inclusion; it helps the team reach important growth points and helps build a culture of one organism.

4.2 Loudly and sincerely praise for active participation in the general discussion; create an atmosphere in which everyone wants to contribute to the future of the team.

5. Synthesize and prioritize

5.1 Carefully save, analyze and prioritize the ideas you receive.

5.2. Treat every idea with respect and care; remember that the same idea may have different value from different points of view.

5.3. Look carefully to see if it is possible to combine several ideas into one block - one solution. Often it is at the intersection of ideas that super solutions arise.

5.4. Highlight ideas for implementation in the near future based on your team’s current goals, pain points, and resources.

6. Follow up and follow through

6.1 A good idea without implementation is like the foundation of a house without walls and a roof - don’t forget that change only happens through action.

6.2 Publish the results and summary of the visioning session so that each team member has the opportunity to review them.

6.3 Keep your team informed about the implementation of solutions, celebrate victories and achievements. Emphasize the importance that solutions that benefit the team are the result of excellent teamwork among visioning session participants.

Key points

1. A team visioning session is a great tool for creating a culture of strong team strategic ideas. Regularly conducting such sessions forms confident movement towards key goals.

2. Treat the visioning sessions with great respect and devote sufficient time and effort to preparation and execution. Think of it as an investment that can bring big returns.

3. Pay close attention to every idea you receive during the session. The same idea, implemented at different times, can bring different results.

Good luck!
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