How to deal with customer churn?
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1. Identify the signs of churn

1.1 Try to always be aware of how the customer perceives the relationship with you at a particular moment in time.

1.2 At the first signs of churn - decreased engagement, lack of regular feedback, etc. - get involved in correcting the situation.

1.3 Please remember that there are factors that depend and do not depend on you. However, this does not give you a reason to sit idly by - act based on the opportunities and resources that you have.

2. Understand the reasons for churn

2.1 Most often, customer churn occurs due to a poorly developed culture of hearing and listening to the customer. It is better to prevent such phenomena, but if they have already happened, then you need to act decisively - you can’t hesitate any longer. Regular feedback is one of the common tools for solving such problems.

2.2 A team culture of listening carefully to the client and making decisions accordingly can help you move confidently towards team goals and prevent many problems. How to create such a culture? First, be an example.

3. Use software to manage customer feedback

3.1 It is important to understand that you first need to build processes based on the previous paragraphs in the article, and then select the necessary tools. Any, even the most effective tool can be useless if it is not used correctly or is used for other purposes.

3.2 Be attentive to automation and human involvement. Each of us happily receives warmth from the people around us. Think about personalizing your processes as much as possible; faceless mailings with faceless questionnaires do not contribute to customer satisfaction.

4. Implement a retention strategy

4.1 Please do not base your strategy on hard selling. Maintain and form partnerships. Focus on values: start from the customer’s goals and pains.

4.2 As a specialist in your niche, you can always provide additional value in the form of training, expertise, etc. Remember, it's all about desire, drive, and action.

4.3 Please do not be too pushy: it is always important to be self-sufficient, confident, respectful and friendly and not view the customer as your last chance.

5. Monitor and optimize your churn rate

5.1 Build a regular monitoring system. Conduct continuous research, formulate hypotheses, launch experiments, implement useful results.

5.2 Create a culture in which each of the team members monitors customer relationships. Encourage initiative, thank for ideas, solutions and actions. Keep in mind that assessing reality from multiple angles can often help solve complex business problems - customer churn is no exception.

Key points

1. It is better to prevent a disease than to treat it. Try not to go into the "red zone", but stay in the "green zone".

2. Constantly monitor how the client perceives the relationship with you. Create a culture where everyone on your team cares about the customer relationship. Be an example and ambassador for this process.

3. Bring value to the customer, help him achieve his key goals, relieve his pains.

Good luck!
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