What team building games can you use to improve problem-solving skills?
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1. Escape rooms

1.1 Escape rooms allow you to train team problem solving skills in real conditions of high uncertainty. They have a number of advantages and are popular among team building instructors.

1.2 It is impossible to predict certain extreme situations, but it is important to prepare the team for such situations: you can train key actions, roles, etc. Considering that this is a game situation and does not carry any real risks or threats, it allows you to form good team habits of solving problems in difficult conditions in a soft mode.

2. Scavenger hunts

2.1 Any team building game is about learning, benefits, and fun. Scavenger hunts will help your team become real adventurers, treasure hunters and bring back the spirit of childhood for a while. A wonderful atmosphere of adventure that evokes bright emotions is a good prerequisite for effective learning.

2.2 This game allows you to develop a number of useful problem-solving team skills, in particular, quick orientation, resource assessment, etc. This has some parallels with achieving real work goals - there are outlined steps, there are prompts, etc.

3. Lego challenge

3.1 The Lego challenge helps train team skills to manage limited resources in extreme situations. In real life, a person can regularly receive a large number of different resources (time, health, money, etc.), but cannot always manage them wisely. When it comes to the teamwork processes, things get even more complicated.

3.2 When Lego challenges are held between several teams, the winners are often those teams whose members were able to quickly agree with each other, distribute resources and roles and not interfere with each other. The team's ability to work as one organism allows it to solve the most complex problems under constraints.

4. Brainstorming sessions

4.1 Brainstorming is one of the most accessible and widespread types of team building games. It does not require a large number of resources, but like other games it requires careful preparation.

4.2 The success of a brainstorming session largely depends on preparation; it is important to choose the right topic for the session and formulate the questions correctly.

4.3 During the session, it is important to create an atmosphere of respect, care and goodwill for the opinions of each participant. Set goals and rules from the very beginning. Be an example - thank and praise the session participants.

5. Murder mystery

5.1 Murder mystery game allows you to develop team skills such as observation and deduction, which are an important part of problem-solving skills.

5.2 The atmosphere of investigation allows participants to feel like Sherlock Holmes and effectively unravel complex knots; good preparation for real situations in project management, when something is broken and the team urgently needs to understand the reasons and take the necessary actions - isn’t it?

Key points

1. The game approach to team building allows not only to train the necessary problem-solving skills, but also to improve relationships in the team and prevent the occurrence of diseases. A game can be an extremely effective tool if it aligns with the team's current goals, addresses current pain, and develops needed skills.

2. Please pay great attention to the preparation and execution of each game, do not organize games for the sake of games, be sincere, try to bring maximum benefit to the team - and they will respond to you in kind.

Good luck!
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