4 Tips to get customer feedback quickly and effectively
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1. Choose the right method

1.1 In order to choose the right method for getting feedback from your customer, proceed from the key goals of your team and the resources you have.

1.2 Determine how important personalization of feedback is to you. There is a pattern: the more personalized the customer feedback, the more resources it requires.

1.3 Be prepared: getting any feedback requires hard work, sincerity, attention, goodwill, kindness and patience.

1.4 Be sincerely glad to receive any feedback, the main thing is to ask the customer to be honest; whether the feedback is good or bad, both help you improve.

2. Use the right software

2.1 There are many great solutions for collecting feedback, each with a number of benefits. Your task is to choose a tool that fits your goals, method, resources, and integrates well with your current virtual environment.

2.2 Once you've made a selection of tools that suit your goals, method, resources, and integration capabilities, try them out; most tools now have a trial period. To understand how well a particular tool suits you, ask colleagues to take part in testing and provide feedback (for example, how they rate the effectiveness of working with you). This way you will know what the opportunities, bottlenecks and problems of the chosen solutions are and will be able to make a final decision.

3. Ask the right questions

3.1 Please be extremely careful when preparing your questions. Asking questions for the sake of asking questions is something that burns up resources and damages your reputation.

3.2 The wording of the questions should exclude any attempts to influence the respondent's opinion. Please don't push the respondent to a specific answer; don't force what you want to hear on him.

3.3 Consider each question carefully before adding it to your list. Does it really have value? Do you really need an answer to this question? Please remember that asking a lot of questions is not always a good approach. A large number of questions can reduce the desire to answer them.

4. Follow the best practices

4.1 There are a number of best practices and simple ways to collect customer feedback: timing, loyalty systems, etc. But I would like to focus your attention specifically on your research activities. Essentially, getting customer feedback is an iterative process that builds on improvements in the chain to continually improve its effectiveness.

4.2 Explore, hypothesize, experiment, expand your knowledge base and continually improve your process of getting customer feedback. Industry best practices are good, but your team's best practices are great.

Key points

1. Getting feedback from a customer is a task that often causes stress for an account manager; sometimes there is a fear of getting a bad feedback. It is important to work on yourself, be confident in your product and service and not be afraid (and not be lazy) to receive feedback from the customer - this will lead you to a bright future.

2. Remember that the important role of any feedback is to balance your perception of reality; the way reality is perceived by one person is then balanced by the perception of another. The picture is viewed from different points of view; this will help you add value and achieve key goals.

Good luck!
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