How to improve your team building skills while working remotely?
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1. Communicate clearly and frequently

1.1 While team communication is often taken for granted, a culture of healthy communication in remote teams is not that common.

1.2 Speaking of clear and frequent communication, I would like to draw your attention to quality and optimal quantity.

1.3 The clarity of information transmission includes a number of important parameters, each of which has a significant impact on the recipient’s perception. When we talk about frequency, it should be said that a lot is not always good; the best results are achieved with an approach in which the amount of communication is optimal; too frequent communication can create information noise and distract from tasks. Too rarely - leads to losing the thread of what is happening.

2. Collaborate effectively and creatively

2.1 Constantly learn to collaborate. Collaboration has something of both craft and art. Your role is to always be a living example for the team; based on your daily behavior, the team will learn and develop.

2.2 Continuously help your remote team members improve their teamwork. Starting from the format of communications in the chat, to setting tasks in the task manager - your caring attention and participation is needed everywhere until good habits are sufficiently strengthened. Once the habit is established, go into monitoring mode; please do not stop making sure the culture is healthy.

3. Celebrate successes and milestones

3.1 You can always find a reason to express sincere admiration and gratitude to your remote team - just do it. Praise loudly, celebrate small and big victories.

3.2 Remember that a kind, sincere word spoken at a difficult moment to one or another remote team member, on a difficult section of the path, can provide that missing energy to achieve final victory.

3.3 By your example, create a culture in which team members themselves congratulate each other: on holidays, victories, etc. Such a culture creates the preconditions for big victories.

4. Support each other's well-being

4.1 A culture of creating an environment where everyone supports everyone, where everyone does what's best for the team produces great results. In order to begin to form such a culture, the manager should start with himself, become an example for the team.

4.2 Remember that work is a large part of a person's life, so how your colleague feels during the working day affects his life. Do your best to ensure that the people who work with you are in an environment that everyone dreams of working in.

5. Build trust and accountability

5.1 Trust is the basis of any relationship. Work relationships are no exception. But in conditions of remote team work, the importance of trust increases many times: the same behavior in different work modes (remote and in the office) is perceived differently. The difference in the acuity of perception creates the preconditions for constant special care about trust in remote work.

5.2 Misunderstanding may be one of the prerequisites for mistrust. To minimize misunderstandings during communications, be honest and use clear and simple language.

5.3 Lack of information can also cause mistrust. Keep all participants in the process informed of key points and news, do not leave them free space and reasons for imagination.

Key points

1. The format of remote team work requires a special attitude from the manager. To create a healthy culture in a remote team, you need to sincerely love your team, work hard, study, develop yourself and those around you.

2. Many team building skills can be improved with practice. Regardless of experience and length of work, there is always room to grow and develop in this area, you can always discover something new. Just do it.

Good luck!
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